The Lesson (Tugas Drama)

Fitri Maedasari
A Comic Drama

1.      Characterization
a.       The professor, age 50 to 60, male.
      Genius person, selfish, emotional, has psychology problem.
b.      The young pupil, age 18, female.
Obedience, excellent, has self confidence, hardworking student, has high passion.
c.       The maid, age 45 to 60, female.
Fearless, cautiously, has high concentration, and smart.
2.      Setting of place and time
a.       Place
 In the office of the professor and in the dining room of  professor’s apartment.
b.      Time
In the morning when the summer season.
3.      Plot
a.       Exposition
Introduction each character, the circumstances and the problem. Then the pupil come and explains the purpose to professor as the part of exposition.
b.      Complication
The complication appears when the professor can’t control his emotion because of pressure.
c.       Climax
The climax occur when the professor out of control and kill his student.
d.      Resolution
Resolution is end of the conflict. At first the maid was given the notice to the professor but the professor refuses her. Then when the pupil was killing, the maid and the professor hide the pupil’s body until end of the drama.
4.      Theme
The theme of this drama is thinking hard in dangerous situation to found the ways to break it up.
5.      Style
Drama tragedy.
6.      Summary
The form is man and society. It can shown that the professor is an intelligent man, but because he out of the control, he do the criminal act. He depressed and stressed that becomes a psychopath. He kills the pupil for his satisfaction. The maid also assisted to hide the pupil’s body.

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