THE PROPOSAL by Anton Chekhov

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THE PROPOSAL by Anton Chekhov

  1. Character and Characterization:
  1. Stepan: Chubukov is a landowner. His physical looks like 60 years old. He is a kind-man and polite, for instance to his neighbor. He is relax and senile.
  2. Natalya: Natalya is a Chubukov’s daughter. She is 25 years old. Natalya is a fussy girl. She wants to get everything what she wants. She is in love, egad, she is like a love-sick cat.
  3. Ivan: Ivan is a neighbor of Chubukov. He is 35 years old, a critical age. Ivan is a large and hearty. If he gets nervous, his heart’s palpitating awfully, especially when face with Natalya. He does not have a brave in front of woman.

  1. Setting:
  1. Place: It is happened in Chubunkov’s country-house, exactly a t drawing room.
  2. Time: It is happened in evening, about 7 p.m.

  1. Plot Summary:
In the evening, Lomov comes to Chubunkov’s house. He wears evening dress, gloves, hat, and so on. Chubunkov is surprised but feels so glad when meet him. Lomov says that he wants to propose Natalya, Chubunkov’s daughter. Chubunkov is very happy when hears that and directly accepts the proposal. Lomov feels he is not proper man to Natalya. It is the right time for Lomov to ask Natalya in marriage.
Chubunkov shouts to call Natlya. Natalya enters to drawing room. She seems happy and shy. First they are talking about the wheather. Then when Lomov discusses Oxen meadows is his mine, Natalya becomes dies angry and says disagreement. She quarrels with Lomov to get land right. Natalya humiliates Lomov, she thinks that he is a good neighbor but Lomov is just a Land-grabber, Lomov cannot control has emotional sense and shout to Natalya. Natalya complais to her father and ask to him to state that Meadows is Chubukov’s mine. Lomov accuses Chubukov has taken the Meadows from Lomov’s family. He thinks that the Lomov’s is honourable people.  
The situation becomes more critical, Lomov and Chubukov humiliate their family each other. Lomov’s heart cannot stop palpitate. Then he decides to leave that house. After Lomovs leaving them, Chubukov forget to say that actually Lemov’s co,oing is to propose Natalya. He wants to make a proposal. Natalya is shocked when hear that. She wants Lomov comeback soon. Natalya shall acknowledge that Oxen Meadows is Lomov’s mine. She also asks forgiving abaout debating before. Chubukov is greatly asthonished with the alteration of his daughter opinion.
Natalya and Lomov talk of something else. They talk about their dogs. But they repeat their fight anymore. Lomov argues that Guess is the best dog. He is a first-rate dog. But Natalya disagree it, the squeezer is better than Guess. They do it again, humiliate to each other. Chubukov joins the dispute. They compare their dogs and tell the ugliness.
Suddenly, Lomov feels numb and collapse. Natalya shouts to her papa, Lomov has died. Chubukov is frightened and take a drink to make Lomov awake. Unexpectedly, Lomov becomes aware, and Chubukov ask to them marry as quickly. Natalya is willing to marry with Lomov. They kiss each other,, and Natalya said that Lomov wants to admit Guess is worse that squeezer. Lomov disagree it, and argues that Guess is the best.

  1. Theme:
The farce explores the process of getting married and could be read as a satire on the upper middle class and courtship. The play points out the struggle to balance the economic necessities of marriage and what the characters themselves actually want. It shows the characters' desperation for marriage as comical. In Chekhov's Russia, marriage was a mean of economic stability for most people. They married to gain wealth and possessions or to satisfy social pressure. The satire is conveyed successfully by emphasizing the couple's foolish arguments over small things. The main arguments in the play revolve around The Oxen Meadows and two dogs called Ugadi and Otkatai

  1. Conclusion:
The conclusion is content the man and the society. In this story, the man faced by the society in around. The story is so funny with the actor and actress which so funny. This drama can entertainment us and the story so easy to understand. There are any three actors in this story: Stepan, Natalya and Ivan. We can take the positive point of this story, there are the differences of us can not be something that make someone be enemy. Finally the differences of us will be something that good and nice in the end. So we must accept the differences between us and then respect each other.

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